Client Comments

The following comment excerpts were kindly provided by our clients in writing at the conclusion of their claims, and are offered solely as our clients' opinions of their experiences with our firm. The opinions are not offered as independently verifiable statements of fact and should not be considered as such. Our professional obligations require that we advise you as follows: "these comments, testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter".

I was represented better than I could have imagined. I was treated as a friend and my opinions were valued. I was always reassured about my doubts and every process was explained to me thoroughly and carefully and had a great outcome. Thanks again Mike.
S. B. 2019
In one of the hardest times of my life; you were there to help clarify things and make me feel at ease.
A. C. 2018
This is my second time using Lacroix Mathers. Carol and her team provided the same high level of service and satisfaction as before. Thanks again.
D. W. 2018
I am eternally grateful to my attorney, Carol Lacroix, and the team at Lacroix Mathers for their support and caring during this difficult time. I did not realize how difficult that time had been until my case was resolved and a few weeks after the mediation had passed. I was truly fortunate that someone who cared about me recommended her.You were the angel I needed during a difficult time. There are no combinations of consonants & vowels that can express my appreciation for all that you have done on my behalf. You are my hero.
M. R. 2018
I'm trying my best not to get hit by another taxi, but if I do, I will certainly call Lacroix Mathers.
R.C. 2018
I trust Lacroix Mathers completely to follow through and get the desired results. I never hesitate to recommend them to others because of their care and professionalism.
M.C. 2018
The Lacroix Mathers group is very professional, their guidance and advice was greatly admired and highly appreciated.
P.W. 2018
Prompt and great professional service and results oriented.
O.K. 2018
Carol Lacroix actually came to my house to meet with me and discuss my case. I would say my ICBC case was a difficult case to prove as, mild traumatic brain injuries are invisible to others. Carol made sure I was on a clear path with medical experts needed to both treat and get the expert medical proof needed. I was very pleased with my settlement. She is an excellent communicator and negotiator, and I am thankful to have her on my side during a difficult time. I highly recommend Carol to anyone dealing with ICBC. Thank you Carol for a job well done! I always felt you were in control and on top of everything. I could not have got through this by myself negotiating with ICBC.
G.M. 2018
I am extremely grateful to the team of Lacroix Mathers for their time and dedication. Every time I visited the office, I was greeted warmly and was always treated with respect and dignity. The process from start to finish was explained clearly and we were fully prepared for the long length of time before we were able to finally settle my claim. Carol and the team advocated on my behalf to ensure I was adequately compensated for my injuries; both short term and long term . Our sincerest gratitude for your efforts! I will definitely be recommending Lacroix Mathers to my family and friends, should they ever require an auto injury lawyer.
L.C. 2018
I have no doubt that my choice of Mike Mathers and staff was the best recommended firm I could ask for regarding personal injuries from an auto accident and the following litigation. Everything was in the open and dealt with in the most professional and compassionate way making for a very satisfactory settlement. I always felt comfortable and optimistic about my case. With Mike's personal interest in my injuries and directing me to the best medical specialists for evaluation helping settlement and personal physical injury recovery in an empathetic manner made a positive and pleasant experience throughout the case. I would gladly and highly recommend this firm for anyone looking for an optimum stress free settlement. Thank you Mike Mathers and staff for the excellent service and timely settlement. Go no further, this firm is awesome! I'll be back if need be.
L.S. 2017
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident 3 1/2 years ago. Mike and the team assured I received proper treatment for my injuries. Without them, I believe this would not be the case. I also believe I was properly compensated for my injuries as a result of choosing Mike Mathers as my lawyer. Thanks Mike (and Team).
D.L. 2017
Excellent service. I'm finally settling into my new home. Thank you for everything, Thank you Mike.
R.L. 2017
I was always made to feel very welcome when in the office and every person I dealt with in person or on the phone was always very pleasant. I always had the utmost confidence that my case was being handled with care and that I had made the right choice in this firm.
J.D. 2016
The team at Lacroix Mathers recognized the importance of my injury claim ad how it affected my life. They worked diligently to seek a fair settlement in a timely manner. I will be forever grateful!
J.C. 2016
I appreciate the counsel and support Lacroix Mathers provided throughout the process. If I am ever unfortunate enough to suffer another accident, I know who to call first.
B.Y. 2016
As soon as I met Carol and her team, I knew I was at a professional and capable firm that had my best interests in mind. The firm takes away the stress of dealing with ICBC, allowing you to focus on your injuries. I was very impressed with the high level of customer service I received. The settlement I received surpassed my expectations and I will refer all my friends and family to this firm!
D.W. 2016
I was always made to feel very welcome when in the office and every person I dealt with in person or on the phone was always very pleasant. I had the utmost confidence that my case was being handled with care and that I had made the right choice in the firm.
J.D. 2016
Thank you for all your help with my case. I really appreciate everyone's effort and hard work. I had an excellent experience dealing with your firm from start to finish!
D.B. 2016
All I have to say is thanks. The staff was awesome, they truly care. I felt I was in good hands the entire time. I wish there were more businesses like this. Again thanks.
E.B. 2015
I was absolutely, extremely pleased by Locroix Mathers. This is a friendly, convenient and professional firm. Special thanks to Mike and Sasha.
A.K. 2015
All I can say is thank you for all your help that you've given me. The people that work for your company are all so friendly. Thanks.
S.E. 2015
I am so thankful for the great job that the team at Lacroix Mathers and Carol did for me. Thank you so much for your hard work.
S.P. 2015
From the moment I hired Carol the incessant calls from ICBC stopped and I was able to focus on healing. The stress of dealing with all of the details was gone and I felt at peace.
K.S. 2014
A big thank you to Carol Lacroix and her support staff for their professionalism, friendliness, caring and above all their hard work and assistance in my case. THANK YOU ALL!
L.I. 2014
I would recommend Lacroix Mathers to my family members and friends if in a motor vehicle accident. Lacroix Mathers works hard for their clients. I appreciate the help, support and care shown by the staff at Lacroix Mathers.
R.Y. 2014
Carol Lacroix and her support staff were always professional, courteous and caring. I built a trusting relationship with Carol and was confident that she was working hard to ensure that my case was settled with my best interests at heart. Thank you to Lacroix Mathers and specifically Carol for all of your hard work.
S.I. 2014
I felt that Mr. Mathers really took the time to listen to me and explain things in simple terms. I also feel that he fought hard on my behalf. He was always pleasant to deal with and so was his paralegal.
S.F. 2014
Re: Mike Mathers and Staff: Very happy to say how pleased I am in your sincerity, compassion, ongoing support, your solid hard work on my behalf and of course your friendly professional manner and the successful conclusion of my case.
G.M. 2014
At Lacroix Mathers quality is job one, leaving me confident my case is being handled in a very secure attention to detail manner. Thanks again Carol and team.
R.N.R. 2013
The team at Lacroix Mathers were always there for me. Sasha the receptionist always answered the phone with a warm and friendly manner. This was my first time dealing with a lawyer regarding a car accident, they made my experience with them very enjoyable, although I hope not to have to use them again, I will recommend them always.
R.S. 2013
After having my accident I was very hesitant to hire a lawyer because of my past experiences. From the start I was made to feel like I would be in good hands and that they would work hard to ensure I receive fair compensation. Thanks to the staff at Lacroix Mathers I have faith in the legal system. I would definitely use them again. Thank you.
All of the staff and lawyers at Lacroix Mathers were friendly and professional. I would recommend them and would hire them again, should I need a lawyer.
Mr. Mathers is very professional at the same time very easy to talk to, his assistant Wanda is also lovely and excellent at her job. I was very pleased with my settlement and am confident I couldn't have done it on my own, having no stress while dealing with ICBC is priceless. I believe Mr. Mathers is excellent at negotiating and would certainly hire him again.
R.S. 2013
Mr. M. Mathers is kind, approachable and dependable. He reassured to help me when I was in distress especially during the time of pain and suffering after my MVA. Thanks Mike for your help.
O.R. 2013
The law firm of Lacroix Mathers provided an excellent level of service. The staff were friendly and professional in helping me deal with my emotional and physical stress. Thank you Lacroix Mathers for all you've done.
P.L. 2012
The service provided by Lacroix Mathers was outstanding and the staff is really friendly.
A.P. 2012
Thank you to Lacroix Mathers for representing me. Mike, Carol and Leanne were very easy to talk to, keeping the line of communication very open and really helped me out in all aspects of my case. All the best to all of you in the future.
M.R. 2012
Not knowing what to expect, I found that the Lacroix Mathers staff were very professional, helpful and always answered the questions I had. My case was settled fairly, and everyone ended up satisfied. Thank you for the pleasant service.
J.C. 2012
I found Lacroix Mathers to be very professional, from the receptionist right up to the lawyer. They were also very friendly and encouraging. I knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. I was thoroughly prepared for discovery and mediation, so I felt very comfortable. I've already recommended them to my friends because I was so impressed!
R.B. 2011
Mike and his team worked together in an efficient, effective, professional and caring manner. I could not have asked for better representation during my case. Thank you!
P.G. 2011
Excellent job!
P.A. 2011
This is to testify that Lacroix Mathers has provided us with wonderful, professional legal services in this case, and is one of the best in the world.
R.H. 2011
I have used Lacroix Mathers twice and have been really pleased with the service. I have also referred friends, who were also pleased.
M.A. 2011
While we are glad our case has concluded, we will be sorry to lose contact with you, Leanne & the other members of your team. Thank you for all the work you have done. We wish you continued success & a fulfilling life. All the best.
G.B 2011
Excellent Service!!
S.R. 2011
I feel that Carol Lacroix did an excellent job for me. She was available, friendly, and helpful. Without her assistance I would not have received any compensation for the injuries I received from being rear ended by someone from the United States. Thank you Carol.
D.M. 2011
Well I was very happy with the level of service and professional mannerism. When talking with Carol, she was wonderful and so were her staff. Thanks again.
R.B. 2011
My case was handled in a very professional manner.
C.R. 2011
Lacroix Mathers took the pain and stress out of dealing with my accident and ICBC. If I ever get in another accident, I will certainly use them again.
N.S. 2011
The service was good and I was very pleased with my settlement. Being an elderly woman, I feel that I received more than I expected.
Z.A. 2011
I was dealt with in a very prompt and business like manner. Always helpful and courteous.
B.R 2011
When I first pursued this case I had my doubts as to whether or not anything would come of it as my injury was primarily my wrist, not the usual 'neck' injury. As it turned out, I received a very suitable settlement, however, it was only due to the diligence and determination which Carol possesses. I would recommend Carol to anyone in the same predicament!
V.A. 2010
Thank you so much for your compassion, empathy and continuous support, while working so hard to bring my case to a successful ending.
L.B 2010
I can only imagine how hard Carol and Leanne worked on bringing my claim to a settlement. You did a phenomenal job!
T.P. 2010
Lacroix Mathers looked after my needs in a professional, friendly manner. They provided me with guidance and advice when I needed it most. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
J.R. 2010
Lacroix Mathers did an excellent job for me on my claim. The professionalism of their staff is beyond reproach and I would not hesitate to have them work on my behalf or on behalf of family members should the need arise.
J.C. 2010
I was very impressed with the way my situation was handled.
T.M. 2010
Carol you did a great job ... thank you. A special thanks to all the staff, very attentive, and I was impressed with Wanda's promptness in all aspects regarding my case. Excellent!
M.L. 2010
Very happy with the service, very nice staff... Mike was awesome.
N.B. 2010
The level of service provided by Lacroix Mathers was extremely high. I was more than happy when my claim was finished. I would be happy to recommend this law firm to family members and friends.
S.C. 2010
... your firm did awesome work. Thanks.
S.U. 2010
After contacting 4 offices by telephone, only Lacroix Mathers returned my call promptly. With our first visit, we were told exactly what to expect and when. We were asked to supply them with certain facts and they took it from there. The whole procedure followed the information given to us on the first visit. Nothing was unknown and the fixed transaction was done on time. Thanks so much.
K.J. 2009
Excellent service - will recommend you to other people.
V.F. 2009
Guys ... I shopped around for a lawyer. I was extremely pleased with my decision to hire Lacroix Mathers. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Thanks for all your hard word Mike, Carol & Wanda.
R.T. 2009
The settlement I received greatly exceeded my expectations.
R.L. 2009
I was very impressed how I was treated and how my case was handled right from the first phone call to the last visit in the office. I would gladly recommend Mr. Mathers to any one in need of an injury lawyer.
A.L. 2009
Your law firm did a marvelous job in handling my case although it took a while, you did not leave me in the dark. I really appreciate everything that you did for me.
C.P. 2009
Mike Mathers took the time to explain all the details related to my claim. I was kept up to date on developments and given strong advice as needed.
J.P. 2009
Yes, you did a perfect job and once again, thanks so much.
M.G. 2009
I am very pleased with my settlement. The contact with the office personnel and Mr. Mathers built great respect for your firm's professional conduct. (You are also very nice people too).
L.M. 2009
Carol has made this difficult and stressful experience much easier to deal with. I felt safe with her in control and she took care of me! I hope I won't need her again, but if I ever do, I won't hesitate to call.
A.H. 2009
I'm very satisfied on how they handled my case, and it was settled sooner than I expected. Excellent job.
R.V. 2009
We were very happy with your services. It was hassle free, and we were very pleased with our settlement.
S.R. 2009
You did a great job getting what I deserved and more. When ICBC was not there for me, you were and that is very much appreciated. I would recommend you for sure and would use you again if needed. Thank-you.
K.G. 2009
Lacroix Mathers represented me in a very professional manner. They were considerate of my well being as well as dealing meticulously with every detail of my case keeping me well informed every step of the way. They are an outstanding legal company and if ever necessary I would not hesitate to call upon them again
R.N.R. 2008
Mr. Mathers provided outstanding service to me at all times, my family and friends will call you when required.
A.B. 2008
I found that my stress level was relieved and I was taken care of mentally, physically, and professionally with the final settlement.
W.D.R. 2008
I felt that Lacroix Mathers did a good job, if not ICBC wouldn't have paid me a fair amount if I had handled the case myself.
Q.E. 2008
Before coming to you I had my doubts about getting involved with a Lawyer, but now I'm glad I did. I have no complaints at all as to your service to me. I hope I never get into another accident, but I know where to come if I do.
J.L. 2008
I was amazed at the level of professional effort put into my case. My expectations were met. I was never worried about my case because everyone at Lacroix Mathers put a lot of time into my case. I felt like no other team could have done a better job!
M.A. 2008
Throughout my experience with Lacroix Mathers, Carol and her staff consistently provided outstanding service, always kept me well informed about every aspect of my case. From friendly and efficient administrative staff to the receipt of excellent legal advice and services, I was completely satisfied. I would have no hesitation in retaining Lacroix Mathers in the future.
D.J. 2007
Excellent, professional legal representation. Lacroix Mathers exceeded my expectations and won me more for my settlement than I was hoping for!
R.G. 2007
I feel that I received professional courteous service at all times.
V.B. 2007
I feel you did an excellent job for me and I would highly recommend you to others in need of a lawyer.
F.D. 2007
I felt my needs were taken care of by the advice I received in legal matters regarding my claim. Thanks for the excellent service!
R.R. 2007
Lacroix Mathers did a good job in handling my case. I would deal with them again in the future if needed.
G.G. 2007
I feel that you have dealt with ICBC a lot and knew what could be done & could not be done and made the maximum settlement for me. I really appreciate everything and Thank You Very Much!
W.T. 2007
You were able to get me a larger settlement than I expected, that's most important in the end. Thanks for everything!
A.V. 2007
You guys are the best!
K.M. 2006

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